Freedom Contracts Jack Hoffman for 3 Western States

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Monday, July 23, 2018

Freedom Communication Technologies contracted Jack Hoffman Associates to represent its products in Arizona, California and Nevada.

Jack Hoffman Associates (JHA) is a leader in the LMR industry, especially in the test equipment arena, with nearly 50 combined years of experience.

Freedom executives said they are excited to add JHA as a partner for this important territory.

Best Regards,

John Hoffman

V.P. of JHA

(714) 401-8900


AEA Technology, inc. - NEW Handheld/portable VNA's (Vector Network Analyzers) up to 4 GHz.

BASE CAMP CONNECT, BCC - is a rapid deployable communications solution that creates a local network, interconnects radios and automates network failovers to provide phone, Internet and radio interoperability. To ensure continuous communications during crisis situations, choose the BCC-LITE for tactical rapid deployment and the BCC for larger operations involving more than two agencies.

BTECH - Battery Monitoring Systems for UPSs, Site Battery stacks, or any Battery bank you want monitored in order to be notified upon depletion of battery cell performance, and able to better plan the purchase of batteries, Keep track and record the overall performance of each battery under warranty, and only replace the batteries that are issues, before those problem cells destroy the entire stack.

EMP Solutions - Lightning Supression & Electro-Magnetic Pulse protection devices. Mount this device on your site tower and it Ionizes the atmosphere around it for 330 feet in all directions. 100% guaranteed to work or we will pay to replace any equipment destroyed by shock with a very large insurance policy to cover wherever you need protection.

LMR two-way-radio test sets / communications analyzers for Analog, P25, DMR/MotoTRBO, NXDN, or TETRA, etc. Our R8000 and R8100 units are lightweight, portable, with field-swappable battery, Dual/Split screen Spectrum Analyzer with tracking generator up to 3 GHz, for tuning duplexers easily and finding cable loss/DTF/VSWR easily and we have the cable/antenna line sweeping capability so no other pieces of gear are needed at a site to completely test & automatically tune all of your portables and mobiles, and perform any/all site verification testing required to maintain all of your sites.

Spectrum Monitoring and Interference Detection Software. Remote and Portable Spectrum Analyzers.

a German based company specializing in long-haul mobile communications for disaster recovery applications. ModulaTeam designs, develops, manufactures and markets the newest and most innovative solutions in Data Modem technology. Founded in January 2013, with key personnel and the assets of several leading German high-tech companies, the management and design teams at ModulaTeam have over 100 years of R&D experience in the fields of modems, security and encryption.

The company is active in the communications field using narrow band modulation serving a market that focuses on distance and reliability. All products are developed and manufactured in-house utilizing custom technologies and maintaining the highest level of quality in supporting various industries such as public/national security, law enforcement, oil, gas, mining, transportation, telecom, enterprise and governmental services.

The most complete, easy-to-use, and valuable RF Coverage Analysis equipment in the entire LMR/Communications Industry. Drive test and indoor measurement solutions for verifying wireless system coverage.

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